Moving a house


Packing Boxes Relocation Packaging Boxes and Packaging

  • Ring Big League Removals to book your move and have your boxes delivered
  • Moving is a great time to throw out, give away or sell off unwanted items
  • Ring to give a cancellation date for utilities like phone, gas and energy
  • If you have to clean a rental property, don't leave it till the last minute
  • Have your mail redirected, and notify your contacts of your new postal address
  • You will need at least 20 boxes per room, small - medium boxes are good
  • Sort out your garage/garden stuff well in advance
  • If you need to move a piano, use professional services like Big League Removals
  • Decide if Big League Removals will pack for you, or will you pack yourself?
  • Start packing at least a week in advance = less stress
  • Don't pack essentials too early, start by boxing up stuff you rarely use
  • Pack your most often used possessions last eg: kitchen items
  • Dismantle where practical eg bed frames, but don't lose the nuts and bolts!
  • Don't make boxes too heavy - spread the weight throughout boxes
  • Don't be afraid to mix things up, eg use cushions to act as protection for fragiles
  • Defrost the fridge the night before the move
  • Try to reserve a good parking spot for the truck
  • Use the strongest boxes for kitchen items, and wrap fragiles with butchers paper
  • Have a couple of door wedges handy to assist the removalists
  • Allow a week to unpack and set up your new home, or let us do it for you!